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The owners of this apartment in Beer Sheva live overseas. Their daughter was moving back to Israel and would be serving in IDF very close to the house. They transferred the budget to my account and told me to do whatever I wanted. 3 months to do a full overhaul from A to Z (including leaking roof, total replacement of all the pipes and full furnishings). To save them money, 99% was bought on yad2, even the kitchen with Cesar stone counter top. Countless hours searching for yad2 paid off as i was able to save 15k on their overall budget. I went with bright, happy colors and funky combos of shades and materials. I removed the weird short wall between salon and kitchen and using bright orange tiles filled in the newly created hole in the floor. To make it look cohesive and part of the plan, i removed 2 more identically sized floor squares and replaced them with same orange inlay. Fiery orange Sahara Paint technique completed the happy color scheme. The place was fully outfitted to the smallest details (like pots, pans, cups and a soup ladle). They loved it, she loved it, i loved it.