Tfilin Factory
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This is too special not to share. I don’t do interior design for businesses. For few reasons, but mainly, not interesting or challenging enough for me. But this business is different. It’s got a Jew soul. It’s a factory that does the tfilin and klaf (the only one in the country that does both) that now decided to expand and to hold lectures on how the whole tfilin is made. It is a spiritual business. It is the kind of a challenge that I love and makes me happy. Funny thing is, they called me to design just the room but as I came up with the concept for it, ideas about the whole expansion kept coming to me. I made them understand that the rest of the space would need a bit of a face-lift as well. U can’t have visitors with a kitchen and bathroom as it was. U also want to be able to sell visitors everything that u r making (and more), so for sure I need to create a “store” area. Then I came up with a name “merkaz hamevakrim havayati”. Main wall between lecture room and open work- space was demolished and rebuilt 45cm deeper into the room, hence creating a nook for the store. My choice of material was OSB (my absolutely fav). Cheap, practical and awesome looking. I used it everywhere I could, including on the ceilings. I also shortened and cut various walls between working stations, using it to cover the holes and breakage. The lecture room was divided into 2 separate areas: sitting area and sofer stam working station. His station I made into a cube, raising it 10cm from the floor. The main wall in it can be used for screening the movie about the factory. The main sitting area was divided vertically into 3 parts. Lower part, as not to get dirty fast, covered in OSB. Middle part is painted in taupe tiah so the kids won’t be tempted to touch it and it can withhold the backs of the chairs and upper part in soft cream. A part of the long wall, as u walk in, is painted in sky blue. There will be a picture later on. The back wall is in the same blue with special design ideas to be added on at a later date. A lot of play was done with sizes of the ceiling lights and softer lighting on the walls. May this factory prosper and have gazillion visitors in the future. Spiritual contribution to the betterment of our world, I m so happy I was part of it.