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A lovely family of 5 with a very busy mama that was turning out yamminess in a very uncomfortable "before" kitchen. This was a dreamy challenge. My brief was : Very tight budget, creating more storage yet making it lighter and airier, find room for dishwasher without giving up too much storage room, creating more sitting yet not creating more floor space, reusing whatever I could, creating a LOT more counter space yet keeping the kitchen the same length and width, keeping it minimalist yet looking designed and cohesive. Our color combo was to be my all time hated (lol) white, gray with touches of red. Funny inspiration for the color combo: a bright red shirt i wore to our first meeting. The first thing i did was to break down a stupid wall between kitchen and salon. The french doors to the garden were NEVER used and never opened, so turned them into a window with a cozy nook under it. Even though i wanted to bring upper cabinets lower, the mama likes them nice and high, which actually gave us more room for the impressive glass back-splash with red poppies. I would have liked a rug under those amazing red-wood, retro chairs...but for practicality reasons we kept the floor "bare". To visually divide the space i painted the candle lighting wall and the ceiling (on a slant) in soft silver that has a bit of bling-bling to it. To tie it together with salon, the wall with the new window and a small "roof" over the couch were done in the same color. This project is yet another proof that a good designer doesnt need to like color combinations of her clients, or even have the same taste ( i dont like modern and contemporary either). It is ALL about proportions and saturation. Knowing what looks good combined and how to pull it all together so the space looks cohesive and has an easy flow. The challas and all the other yamminess are even more amazing now ...i should know...i keep coming to visit this lovely cooking mama