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I absolutly LOVED this project. I could have styled this house for the photo shoot by removing basket with scarfs and hiding the balls and sticking the roller skates into a closet. But i didn't want to. This house is so active, happy and dynamic that to do that would have been fake. The mama of the house, OMG, if all my clients did things that were decided on at that speed....First meeting on Wend, shopping on friday, second meeting on sunday and second shopping on monday: BAM! She paints the walls AND ceiling with holding the baby under her arm, refinishes furniture while reading to him and decides on what things we r buying while breastfeeding. The biggest problem was that the house had absolutly nothing of her vivacious, happy and loving personality in it. Second problem, storage, organization and easier usage. Third problem: the weirdest light points i have ever seen. Look at the final result. Happy, vibrant, unpretentious, flowing, easy to upkeep, more storage and newly created areas designated by logical lighting. We haven't dealt with kitchen...yet....Have i mentioned already how much i loved these guys?