Avocado with Chocolate
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Nothing says compliment more than a returning client. Remember that kitchen for big cook small space? well, this is the new digs! And OMG....bigger, bolder, brighter and funkier! Even though i wanted to remove the wall separating kitchen from dining room completely, they wanted to keep it. So, i knocked it down and rebuilt it 20cm INTO dining room (enlarging space inside the kitchen), didnt start it from the wall, giving me a 60cm cabinet facing INTO dining and made it 20cm deep so i could use the ledge to put stuff on and also have another shelving unit on the other side of built-in oven. She LOOOVES green, so who am i to argue....chocolate goes perfectly with everything. God forbid NOT brown (yeehsa) but this stunning deep countertop was perfection to the "major" formaicka that looked like reclaimed wood. That one had all the colors-and a bit of green. And then i found this most stunning tile for backsplash-doesnt it look like it came from some country house that was knocked down 200y ago? And of course, we cant have ALL cabinets same color-even if by "same" i mean at least 10 of them mixed together. So came the avocado cabinets to spice it all up. For handles we used same ones as in the other kitchen, why fix something that isnt broken. We all loved the look of spoons and forks and knives as pulls. The living room (salon) is actually pretty small, especially for their American furniture, yet everything did fit and doesnt look too overbearing...i think its because of large french doors that lead to a big balcony. By painting the longest wall in same avocado color as some of the cabinets, i tied those 2 spaces together. I m the queen of lighting and believe proper lamps make the space. Very little electrical work was needed but it made all the difference. Dropped 3 lights over the ledge of the separating wall, added some lights on the walls and dropped 2 pretties in the corners of the salon. OF COURSE the placement of the existing lights were changed and new fixtures tied it all together. Oh ye, and the beauty in the dining room-awesome score by me from second hand hunt. Now the kitchen is YUGE, every cm i could use, is used. The kitchen is happy, easy to take care of, shows no dirt and offers room to more than one person to cook at the same time. My tip at the end of the job was a pint of Ben & Jerry's, which i shamelessly finished all by myself